Beeswax Crayons with Food Grade Colors

100% Biodegradable Handmade in USA

The Environment Initiative

CrayonBlocks is not just a crayon. It is a step taken towards saving the Earth.
Our vision is for CrayonBlocks to reach every child and
Our mission is a safer and better Earth, free of paraffin crayons.

Why CrayonBlocks

Safe, Eco-friendly Ingredients
No Harmful Chemicals
Help Develop Motor Skills in Preschoolers
Last Longer
Quality is our Priority

Better Environment. Better Tomorrow.

What You Do Makes A Difference, And You Have To Decide What Kind Of Difference You Want To Make.
Go Green And Buy Eco. – CrayonBlocks
We Serve…
Beeswax Crayons
Paraffin Free
FDA Approved Food Grade Colors
Ecofriendly – 100% Biodegradable
Hand Made In USA

What Parents Says