CrayonBlocks Story

How We Started...

It was a Saturday morning and I was on the patio drinking coffee. My daughter sat next to me with her coloring book. It was one of those quiet moments when you noticed things; mundane things that you usually ignore.

In front of her was a big tub with all sorts of crayon pieces – some broken, some peeled, some crooked – all slumped together. She swirled her hand in the box and dug a few out as her nails grabbed a layer of wax underneath them. As she rubbed the crayons on the paper, I smelled something else besides my coffee – paraffin wax.

Just then her younger brother ran onto the patio and decided to watch her. Very soon he lost interest in her coloring and chose to explore a crayon, the way it should be explored by a 2-year-old. He licked it.

My parental instinct took over; I snatched the crayon from his hands. As I threw it away, I realized that it’s not possible to get rid of something that’s omnipresent. The crayons are everywhere – school, library, restaurants, airplanes – there was absolutely no way I could keep him from tasting another one.

My daughter was astonished at my reaction and asked me why I threw the crayon away. I explained to her how the paraffin wax, which is a by-product of petroleum, does not decompose and just becomes a landfill. The colors, which are chemical-based, can be harmful no matter what it says on the packaging about them being non-toxic.

After my lecture on the paraffin crayons was over, my daughter put it right there for me. “Then why don’t you make crayons that are safe for kids and the environment.”

That was the moment something sparked in me. I wanted to preserve the purity of my daughter’s thoughts. I decided to make crayons the right way.

I researched for a few months. I figured that along with safe ingredients, the crayon itself had to be a good piece of the tool as it’s used so extensively, especially by the preschoolers. It should be able to help them build good motor skills and help them develop sound hand-eye coordination while being less stressful on their fingers.

After many sleepless nights, I was able to make the perfect, “CrayonBlocks”.

CrayonBlocks are made with certified organic waxes that are completely biodegradable. The colors are bright and vibrant and are not chemical-based. The blocks are easy to hold and since they have multiple edges and corners they last longer and make coloring super fun for the little ones. CrayonBlocks are break-resistant and 100% made in the USA.

“To my wife and kids – Thank you.

Without you, there would be no CrayonBlocks.”