Why CrayonBlocks

Why CrayonBlocks?

Safe, Eco-friendly Ingredients

CrayonBlocks are made with Certified Organic Beeswax that is completely biodegradable. It is safe for the environment and for your child.

CrayonBlocks crayons are made from FDA approved colors and conforms to ASTM D-4236

No Harmful Chemicals

CrayonBlocks have No Petroleum wax and are Paraffin and Phthalate free

Help Develop Motor Skills in Preschoolers

CrayonBlocks have a unique rectangular design, with multiple edges and corners, that gives the tiny fingers a good grip to explore all coloring possibilities.

The ease to hold helps develop sound hand-eye co-ordination and excellent motor skills

Last Longer

CrayonBlocks are sturdy. Unlike the regular crayons that crack when dropped on a hard surface, CrayonBlocks are break resistant and hence last longer.

Quality is our Priority

CrayonBlocks are handcrafted and made in USA.

What’s wrong with the Regular Crayons?

Environmental waste of 80,000lbs a day in landfills - Paraffin wax that does not decompose

Chemical-based colors ingredients - Not safe for the little ones

Break easily - add to the clutter that is almost impossible to sort



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